Rock and Water Evaluation Report

In 1999, Richard Fletcher of the Boys in Schools Program invited Freerk Ykema to be keynote speaker at the initial Working with Boys, Building Fine Men Conference. In that same year another small workshop was organised for teachers and following excellent feedback and great demand from teachers, the program has spread across Australia like wildfire. Those initial workshops heralded the beginning of a long and valued collaboration between Freerk Ykema of the Gadaku Institute and the Boys in Schools Program, Family Action centre, University of Newcastle.

The Boys in Schools Program has been associated with the development of Rock and Water in Australia, working closely with Freerk to organise three and one day training programs for teachers, information seminars for teachers and parents, and to develop resources and support networks for teachers using the program in schools and youth centres.

Information in this report has been gathered from teachers who attended the training programs in 2003. The comments of the teachers speak for themselves. In 2003, several schools conducted internal evaluations of the Rock and Water programs operating in their schools. These also indicate that both boys and girls of primary and secondary age have greatly benefited from participating in the program.

In 2001, my son Jack , then 19 years, and I attended a three day training course. Speaking from this personal experience, we both greatly value the experiences of this program and continue to notice the impact of the personal and professional development we received then. The Boys in Schools Program is proud to be associated with this inspiring program and presenter.

You can download the complete evaluation report here:
Rock and Water Evaluation Report


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